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In addition to our presentations, handouts, and workshops, Lifelong Learners have the added advantage of having access to one of the greatest tools in the world—the World Wide Web! Here are some suggestions for keeping your learning-self alive in between our presentations and workshops.

Educational Opportunities for Seniors

This is a great and up to date resource to help seniors find free local educational opportunities in all the states.

Atlas Obscura

At Atlas Obscura, their mission is to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share. You can just go to their website at and peruse information about places, events, and things. For a real treat, sign up for their newsletter to get a daily newsletter.

Earth/Sky News

This one is a personal favorite (alas, all the ones in this list, so far, are personal favorites!). It has to do with, as you might imagine, things about our Earth and the sky surrounding us into the universe. Again, they have a great daily newsletter and so much to think about! See them at

The Great Courses

Got a desire to learn about history and science and fine arts and…? Just about anything you might want to learn about is there: Fundamentals of Photography, The Science of Natural Healing, The Guide to Essential Italy and many, many more. If you’ve got an itch to take one of The Great Courses, go to the source!

Internet Archive

If you’ve never been to the ‘archive of the Internet’, you don’t know what you are missing! For example, would you like to see an old page of a “long-ago” internet site on their “Wayback Machine“? Or, how about listening to an old radio show version of “Gunsmoke“.  Find those and much, much more at

New Atlas

For those of you with a desire for new science and technology items, check out New Atlas at And if you’re brave enough and don’t already have enough coming into your inbox, sign up for their newsletter.


For those of you that might like to read things “on the go” on your smartphone or tablet, this is a great one! Did you see an article on your computer screen that you’d really like to read later? Sign up and you can save those articles to read on your smartphone/tablet using the Pocket app just by tapping an icon in your web browser. Then, open the Pocket app on your phone or tablet sometime later and read it there. See all about it on the Pocket website.

The Renaissance Society

Ever wonder where the idea for our very own Sierra Renaissance Society came from? You can see where by looking at The Renaissance Society at CSU Sacramento.


TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas via short “TED” talks. Technology, Entertainment and Design talks cover almost all topics — from science to business to global issues. If you can think of an idea, I’ll bet there is a TED talk about it.

Do you have some favorite links to places on the web for Lifelong Learners? Contact us using our Contact Form and let us know. We’ll review them and maybe add them to our list!